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did the easter bunny come to you
Monday, April 5, 2010 at 5:04 PM
a summary of food for thought
Day 1 - the best weather, Manly Beach, grilled fish and chips, Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake icecream, watching The Last Templar on 7 accompanied with some heavy junk binging, felt extremely sick and couldn't sleep

Day 2 - shitty weather, felt just as shitty, stayed at home cleaning the house, organising my desk, porridge to ease the stomach pain

Day 3 - nice weather, Blackheath horse riding for two hours, lovely lunch picnic of avocado, turkey, tomato and cheese sandwiches (go mum), rockmelon in season, extreme junk binging in the car on the way back (discovered a weakness for nacho Doritos and Starburst confectionery), 90 minute walk/run, dad came looking for me because six was too late and rapists would be out ...
Day 4 - gay weather, buttocks and legs in pain from horse trotting, threw a Surprise Monday Morning Breakfast for our parents as a long week-end-er and just as a general THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME INDIVIDUALS. Definitely the highlight of those four days.Jeff and me left at 7:30 am, because he insisted on finishing Avatar, for Woolworths to buy our ingredients of bacon, egg, sausage mince, and English breakfast muffins (Jeff's idea to recreate McDonald's Mighty McMuffin - fatass)
I made breakfast for everyone, other than toasting and buttering which Jeff did such a wonderful job in, difficult task too. The feedback was surprisingly great! Now I have confidence in making food for people. If only Masterchef's new 'Junior' program extended their age limit to sixteen ... but no ... twelve max; go shove some herbs up your turkey channel ten.
Anyway, for the afternoon we had some mother/daughter, father/son bonding time. Actually had fun reading Better Homes and Gardens, Marie Claire, and Women's Weekly magazines, drooling over recipes with mum.
Ever since my latest investment

food has become an inspiration to me. Is that a sign of me growing boring and old? The two of us went to Court and Village to have lunch and buy things we'd never heard of, and probably will never use, but sounded professional and looked pretty in pictures :D

Oh yeah, didn't realise Intuition started yesterday (SS Jane "Didn't you know? We're always open on Public Holidays.") WHAT?!! IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY. PEOPLE DON'T DO ANYTHING ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. ESPECIALLY NOT TUTORING.

what. damn. argh
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 2:45 PM
too tired to think straight

Reason for this entry:
at home,
not because it's cross country and I feel naughty, like I have in previous years, being a devilish young chap oh the memories but because of a Blood Test. Had a pathology appointment as 7:30. The blood taking itself took around ten minutes since I was a 'fighter' and they couldn't get anything out of my veins. Jabbed in both arms, took four vials, felt like puking afterward, looked like a patient, went home with a headache, tried to get high on sugar, have bruises now, so weak.
So much for 'fighter'

If there was ever curiosity into why there is no online diary of my EPIC one month trip to china, there is one simple, perfectly comprehensible equation to sum it up.
the Chinese government = a bitch.
Why? Because they solution to all their problems is to block everything.
Now how am I meant to look back at my memories? Only pictures, plus a few wonderful videos - including Jeff attempting to climb down an icy mountain, and Dad volunteering in some crazy martial arts act. Yes yes, thinking about it now that'll do just fine (:

Tried making strawberry and orange breakfast muffins the other day as an Easter gift for my family and friends. Recipe said golden brown, how about taro purple? Save for the burnt bits ... and uncooked bits ... they were yum. Maybe my next planned festive treats will be a remote success.

Seeing as I'm locked home and it's raining, I'll read some more Eva Luna. Great book - then again, to become a Penguin Book it's got to be a good book.

May blog more, may blog less, may just blog in chunks like I usually do.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 4:43 PM
for the month in China
There will be nights in Shanghai and Beijing, when I desperately need to tell someone about my day. The experience, the discoveries, the fun. I've decided blogspot will be where I unload all my thoughts. Keeping an online diary so that I'll remember what happened in a short 27 days even when I'm a grandma, because we learnt during Life & Resilience Week that everything you post onto the internet STAYS THERE FOREVER. It's unerasable.
Far out ... tonight will be an allnighter - just packing packing and more packing. Always leaving things till the last minute (just how we roll as a family). Oh well, we can sleep on the plane. I'm going to get motion sickness, I always do. I need an overload of bali sugar.
PRAYING THAT MY SLIGHT COLD DIES BEFORE WE LAND IN ASIA. Please, I can't stand the thought of being pulled back by health officials saying
"Sorry, the computer has detected high radiation and body temperature. We cannot run the risk of having an individual infected with swine flu running around China".
Please, please no.
signing off
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 9:27 PM
christmas in winter
THAT'S RIGHT. Christmas, accompanied with snow and low temperatures. I'm going to Shanghai, China in two days now! It's so soon, I'm having trouble falling asleep already. People are hopefully straining their brains writing me plane letters. I don't have enough yet (:
Done my part, do yours.
That reminds me of the Copenhagen meeting going on at the moment. International leaders / talking about action against climate change. Does that really work? My prediction is that nothing will happen, nothing will change. Sure, something needs to be done, but people refuse to see it as an issue. Let's just wait for 2012.
Goodbye everyone!
Have a safe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
signing off
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 5:44 AM
stop forcing people to blog
hello. say hello
how has everyone been? there's so much work crammed into my head right now. I can't think, don't want to think. I want to reverse puke (eat) and reverse awake (?sleep?). It's so late already. I'm getting old, and sleeping before midnight is a real must in my life right now.
I hope no one does anything A;LKH;RHJN due to extremely high stress levels. I don't have a favourite colour anymore. Where is my social life?
x r
long weekend
Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 3:01 AM
happy birthday queen
My plan's of going to the city were destroyed because mum didn't feel up to it.
Instead we had YUM CHA (for your average Chinese child this is very bad news). Came home and rents started watching drama, when the TV caught on fire. It made a hole at the back.
Then I made banana cupcakes (with mini marshmallows) because it was raining. I did this, all by myself, without any help, at all. I have conquered the next level of cooking. Masterchef here I come! This is an original/edit How's everyone's weekend? Doing anything exciting, unlike me?
off oty
Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 12:42 AM
then more shopping
I went to DFO today, and didn't buy anything. So proud of myself, sticking to my budget. I used to think DFO was the hottest thing alive, but it's actually really shit.
Mum, on the other hand, went crazy at the 50% off OROTON sale. She bought two bags for $325
Oh well, I'll just treat myself tomorrow in the city.
Eating: pineapple and rockmelon salad

off oty