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what. damn. argh
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 2:45 PM
too tired to think straight

Reason for this entry:
at home,
not because it's cross country and I feel naughty, like I have in previous years, being a devilish young chap oh the memories but because of a Blood Test. Had a pathology appointment as 7:30. The blood taking itself took around ten minutes since I was a 'fighter' and they couldn't get anything out of my veins. Jabbed in both arms, took four vials, felt like puking afterward, looked like a patient, went home with a headache, tried to get high on sugar, have bruises now, so weak.
So much for 'fighter'

If there was ever curiosity into why there is no online diary of my EPIC one month trip to china, there is one simple, perfectly comprehensible equation to sum it up.
the Chinese government = a bitch.
Why? Because they solution to all their problems is to block everything.
Now how am I meant to look back at my memories? Only pictures, plus a few wonderful videos - including Jeff attempting to climb down an icy mountain, and Dad volunteering in some crazy martial arts act. Yes yes, thinking about it now that'll do just fine (:

Tried making strawberry and orange breakfast muffins the other day as an Easter gift for my family and friends. Recipe said golden brown, how about taro purple? Save for the burnt bits ... and uncooked bits ... they were yum. Maybe my next planned festive treats will be a remote success.

Seeing as I'm locked home and it's raining, I'll read some more Eva Luna. Great book - then again, to become a Penguin Book it's got to be a good book.

May blog more, may blog less, may just blog in chunks like I usually do.