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too busy
Friday, January 30, 2009 at 9:14 PM
to care about what I'm blogging
I have too much homework. I don't have much time to blog.
I had a huge watermelon slice today. I have a new daily routine involving exercise and eating less =D. I should continue my English Research Task and think of a Science Topic and start my Health 'Miss
ion Statement'.
I'm getting d e e p l y d i s t r a c t e d . . .

signing off

start of something new
;seeing life through the eyes of a nerd
I'M LOVING IT. Not McDonalds, but being a nerd. Getting to class 5 minutes early just to get the best seats right in front of the teacher's table is worth it. Once the lesson starts you can't not concentrate, you're so motivated, you actually get work done and there's no way you could even whisper to the person next to you. Plus you see the board clearly, which is a wonderful advantage when I forget my glasses an almost daily encounter.
I didn't want to catch the earlier bus, but someone had to meet their mum at the Court so I was dragged along - I am such a weak pushover. I wanted a seat in this hell like weather, which is impossible on the cramped/stuffy/early bus. I wanted to see you.

Paris is my dream destination. I can impress the people with my enhanced French skills (one of the many benefits of a nerd called 'learning'). If not then ... I JUST WANT TO SHOP!
signing off

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 11:24 PM
they're useful when jotting down thoughts
8, 6, 5: numbers bugging me right now
This school year will be good, determination is the key here ... not patience. I've made a pact with Dea and Flick to become 2009 nerds.
I got bumped down a maths class. Not very shocking, my other new year resolution is to learn the inner peace and harmony of resilience.
So much homework already; maths exercise, english research task, 25%worth science assessment. Dying young doesn't sound too bad right now. I know it's corny TTM, but seeing my grade brought me back to earth again. Especially you.

signing off

Every Word (Feat. Daniella) - Ercola
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 8:23 PM
When I first saw your face
I didn’t look again
I didn’t go there 'cause I just got myself up again
But you know what to say
To take my breath away
And I had no idea that things would change

A dance track worth listening to, even for those not into techno.
2 weeks and I'm still not over it, that's saying something.


life's about FOOD
... really it is.
It's about gourmet sandwiches for last night's dinner and today's lunch. About an ice cream indulgence for afternoon dessert, and sudden urges to throw out any thought of eating dinner. About the extremely rare encounters of STARBUCKS cafes and their new delicious Caramel Frappuccino. It's about renowned porridge restaurants hidden amidst the bustles of 2601 celebrations in China Town.

On a lighter, non-philosophical note I've been a great role model to all older sisters for the past few days. Yesterday I took my brother to Macquarie to find a school bag. Today I took him to Baulko as it was his first day in high school. I put on a smile just for my mum, but deep down I'M SCREAMING 'Why??! Why is this all thrust upon me, late notice (when I have plans to just relax and sleep in the day before yr 10 life begins), against my perfectly youthful will?' I'm lying though, I never fake smile for my mum, I just told her the truth. Guess I'm the perfect role model for a daughter too.

signing off

net obsessed
Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 2:04 AM
I like to cap my already capped net even further when the season's fashion updates itself, but more importantly when it's a Saturday in the holidays and boredom happens to be the most interesting thing. These are my picks from Style's Spring Guide (pretty impressively small selection seeing as there was 109 outfits and accessories in one massive slideshow);

Diane von Furstenburg; slipper satin dress $1600

Christopher Kane; Mandarin-collar jacket and scalloped trousers $3945 $1972

Casadei; lace-up peep-toe gladiator boot on platform sculpted horn heel $1100

Banana Republic; long strapless dress $175

Aurelie Bidermann; plastron necklace made with real swan feathers dipped in gold $935

Tom Binns; Futuristic Fantastic cuff price upon request 396-8078

Philosophy di Alberta Ferrari; silk print dress, cargo pants $1290 $825

Oscar de la Renta; poppy matte enamel Darjeeling minaudiere $1450

Michael Kors; marina small duffel bags $495

DKNY; perforated leather sneeker pump $180

signing off

a new year
Friday, January 16, 2009 at 10:33 PM
it's 2009!
Time flies. So I just got back from Tasmania. The air was indeed fresh as Nicole said. IT WAS SO FUN! 8 days of 'total awesomeness'. People say you can drive around the border of Tasmania in 1 day; Mum actually pondered on that thought, but no way was a getting crammed into an AVIS rental car roadtrip style with 4 other relatives for more than a week. We just went around Hobart and the furthest we went was up north in Launceston, but it was the best holiday. I couldn't have asked for more, except for lower petrol prices.

signing off