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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 11:15 PM
from rubyx3alex.blogspot.com (i discovered another blogspot created a while back). here's an extract of a pretty eventful day.
"OMGSH today i was 20 min late to school-here's the story:i was at my bustop listening to my iPod when i suddenly realised i hate left my speech on the table. i walked back home, knowing my bus had already left cause i could hear it behind me, grabbed my speech and ran. since the bus on my original bustop had already left, the next one was at this other stop 200m away. so i ran parts and walked parts. i was so puffed. soon i could see the corner turning in to the stop and guess what .. i could see THAT NEXT bus turning in to the stop. i was so far away there was no way i could catch it. so i gave up. i walked to the stop veryy slowly, looked at the timetable, the next bus was at 810. how great, i wouldnt be able to catch the 816 train (which already makes u 5 min late for class), and to top that, i had no idea when the next train was. on the bus, it was crowded with epping boys and it stopped literally every 20 seconds. i got to the station at 825 and the next train was at 830. obviously i caught that one, and i saw sam on it! she was late too lol =D. we got to school, got our late slips (i put down the late option 'transportation problems' ;P) and went to french. well i was so tired for the rest of the day, and i am right now too. and another thing, i didnt even end up doing my speech!!!!!! thats what annoys me most arghh."
i cracked up when i read this. funny reading over something you yourself wrote, but can't remember writing it in the first place. i was definately not drunk or high, so that means my memory span must just be low.

stuff that happened today:

should go do my maths now haha, think i wasted almost 1 hour on this


so much to do, so little time
Monday, October 27, 2008 at 3:09 AM
arghh, commerce topic test, health assignment, french dialogue. and starting next friday? the dreaded yearlies.
highschool can be so darn painful. i got 4 hrs sleep last night. and i just remembered i have to make sure i dont miss my bus tmrw morning or anna won't finish history. shatt.

lol on a brighter note (is that the right phrase? i tend to get phrases wrong eg. double faced [two-faced], kill youself [was meant to say 'knock yourself out']):
i was in the car with my mum and brother, and this guy in the car next to us put his finger up at me. only i saw, reflexes kicked in and i just said "F. YOU YOU F.ING F.TARD" (censored for PG ;P). i had obviously forgotten that my mum was there and i just carried on casually, until i realised that she had gone strangely quiet. i was just like "oh ..". but how awesome is my mum? she just started laughing and so i started laughing and then jeff started laughing and then OH HAPPY FAMILYY without dad cause he was at home taking care of yeye (grandpa in mandarin). but then, dad would've totally gone nuts if he was there ...

neway. gta get back to studying. aiyaa get distracted too easily =(.

loll something else to add:
i used up quite a lot of money today. $1.80 on a paddlepop (canteen is so f.d up!), $2.80 on vegetable roll (canteen again), and $9 on 2 easyways (one for me and one for jeff, aren't i such a wonderful sister?? -not-)

au revoir tout le monde!


my first
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 4:42 AM
my first,
i don't blog much but i'm giving this a go. connections say it's worth it. not sure why or how, but we'll see.

so jeff's leaving 3 days for band camp. yes extra shower time! but no. i'm eco-friendly and cutting down water usage. lol, don't see that going newhere.
yearlies coming up in a few weeks so i'm studying really hard, attempting. promised by rents i'd do well since the hy report screwed up pretty bad. i'm hoping to be really organised too, carrying a huge pastel green folder (which is btw alright looking), post-its, etc.
gotta get back to science now. wish me luck (=