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long weekend
Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 3:01 AM
happy birthday queen
My plan's of going to the city were destroyed because mum didn't feel up to it.
Instead we had YUM CHA (for your average Chinese child this is very bad news). Came home and rents started watching drama, when the TV caught on fire. It made a hole at the back.
Then I made banana cupcakes (with mini marshmallows) because it was raining. I did this, all by myself, without any help, at all. I have conquered the next level of cooking. Masterchef here I come! This is an original/edit How's everyone's weekend? Doing anything exciting, unlike me?
off oty
Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 12:42 AM
then more shopping
I went to DFO today, and didn't buy anything. So proud of myself, sticking to my budget. I used to think DFO was the hottest thing alive, but it's actually really shit.
Mum, on the other hand, went crazy at the 50% off OROTON sale. She bought two bags for $325
Oh well, I'll just treat myself tomorrow in the city.
Eating: pineapple and rockmelon salad

off oty

Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 10:15 PM
& gone bored
Hate being home alone S O B O R E D.
Don't want to use an excessive amount of internet, and I don't feel like sleeping. Maybe I'll go eat some more, or read "the book thief".

Check out the time!
(The train just got to Hornsby)

Have fun catching public transport my friends.

off oty

starting over
because my life's worth it
Been almost 2 months - time goes by fast - great to be back
Exams are over! Possibly the most carefree child in the world right now.
Skipping school tomorrow. Partly because it feels like the weekends, and because I have swine flu.
(It's okay. It's just the cold. Probably. Hopefully.)

- Had to walk out half way through the history exam in the hall because of my fucked up nose. Ms Eakins followed me, to make sure I hadn't hidden notes in an easy access area outside. BITCH jks she's the funniest.


Just ate: BMT from subway, mini taro buns from breadtop.
That's right, I'm such a pig that what I eat deserves a section on this entry.

off oty