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Friday, November 14, 2008 at 1:40 AM
can you guess? they're finally over. i didn't go to school today cause i was so bloody happy ... cannot blv ppl actually went. how strange. =) just JOKING.
so we had english essay last lol i screwed that aswell as everything else. right after the teacher had collected all the papers i took out my yearly timetable and ripped it up into tiny tiny pieces. i would've burnt it, but that would've seemed strange.
well neway after i got home i just threw everything on the floor and watched tv.
at night family went to carlo court to have dinner (thursday, late night shopping) and then i went to newsagency because rents saw family friends, started chatting, ended up eating together, talked and talked, i got bored. so at the newsagency i saw this really cool book called 'those faraday girls' and started reading. it was good, so i asked my mum if i could buy it. she said to go check upstairs at dymocks. so i did and it was same price at $25 and i bought it. then we went to go-lo because jeff needed to buy a present for his friend (LOL the cheapo, but apparently there was some awesome metal model ship the other day) and then i saw the same book, at $17. i got a refund at dymocks. yepp thanks to me mum saved $8. *sarcasm btw, we're not that poor that it's that bigadeal*
i'm so bored now though. there arent even ne movies on, cause cricket's replacing harry potter. darn cricket, don't even understand the dam game; how many different names do you need for a simple 'out'?? mayb i'll go play sims YEAH. actually i'm really tired .. at 851 wtf?? all that loss of sleep has gotten to me.
signing off


my theory
Monday, November 10, 2008 at 3:29 AM
i'll be typing up every 5 minutes or so while studying PDM.
so today i had maths .. and i fucked up so bad; didnt even have time to finish 4q. being asian, i called my mum up and said 'i did so bad'. she was angry, duh, and i didnt even tell her about not finishing. what would've happened if i mentioned that?? hmm .. possibly getting kicked out, or death. which would you pick.

i can't believe joC thought it was easy. is she a fucking calculator? i guess i didnt study surds or ne of that properly ... extremely annoyed at myself. what pisses me off more is that i feel so guilty. i promised my mum i'd do well and then this morning dad called and said 'i trust you can do well' (in shang of course). and i was like YEP i'll make you proud!! and then .... yeh. proud my ass. and 3 days ago on saturday mum got me an ipod chromatic saying 'i got you this because you've been stressing too much over the exams'. I'M SUCH A BAD DAUGHTER D'= i wna just go to bed and cry. but if i fail maths, there's still 9 other exams to ACE lolll. including science, french speaking, and photography tmrw.

you know my french speaking is at 10:50? yep RIGHT before Silence (11 of 11th of 11o'clock and more 11s i can't remember not to be offensive). i better finish before it or it'll be way awkward with only my french teacher in the room. i'm pretty sure my dialogue is less than 10 minutes because that's a longg time =/

signing off noww
myb3W (4s?)

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they've started
Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 11:42 PM
so my yearlies started today. commerce, history, and english viewing. what a wonderful day no?
it was terrible! actually commerce and history weren't so bad, but then everyone thought eng was gna be dead easy so i only studied in lunch just like everyone else, and it ended up being the hardest !! arghhh annoyed at myself.
so now that i'm online i may aswell write down my exam timetable, YEH YEH come stalk me:

it's Friday so that's the only reason i'm on, actually it's because Jeff was on doing some housing price project and i kinda kicked him off =). well i'm gonna get back to finishing my french speaking; we were actually given the questions so all we gotta do is think up some answers ... awesome teacher. then i think i'll study maths.

you know i actually gave up Heroes last time because of yearlies? i had to record it .. yeh on VCR that's how pov i am ><. i'll only get to watch it after yearlies which is gna be a while so maybe i'll count down! not

before i go i think i'll just say. well done Obama!!!

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