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Friday, November 14, 2008 at 1:40 AM
can you guess? they're finally over. i didn't go to school today cause i was so bloody happy ... cannot blv ppl actually went. how strange. =) just JOKING.
so we had english essay last lol i screwed that aswell as everything else. right after the teacher had collected all the papers i took out my yearly timetable and ripped it up into tiny tiny pieces. i would've burnt it, but that would've seemed strange.
well neway after i got home i just threw everything on the floor and watched tv.
at night family went to carlo court to have dinner (thursday, late night shopping) and then i went to newsagency because rents saw family friends, started chatting, ended up eating together, talked and talked, i got bored. so at the newsagency i saw this really cool book called 'those faraday girls' and started reading. it was good, so i asked my mum if i could buy it. she said to go check upstairs at dymocks. so i did and it was same price at $25 and i bought it. then we went to go-lo because jeff needed to buy a present for his friend (LOL the cheapo, but apparently there was some awesome metal model ship the other day) and then i saw the same book, at $17. i got a refund at dymocks. yepp thanks to me mum saved $8. *sarcasm btw, we're not that poor that it's that bigadeal*
i'm so bored now though. there arent even ne movies on, cause cricket's replacing harry potter. darn cricket, don't even understand the dam game; how many different names do you need for a simple 'out'?? mayb i'll go play sims YEAH. actually i'm really tired .. at 851 wtf?? all that loss of sleep has gotten to me.
signing off