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my theory
Monday, November 10, 2008 at 3:29 AM
i'll be typing up every 5 minutes or so while studying PDM.
so today i had maths .. and i fucked up so bad; didnt even have time to finish 4q. being asian, i called my mum up and said 'i did so bad'. she was angry, duh, and i didnt even tell her about not finishing. what would've happened if i mentioned that?? hmm .. possibly getting kicked out, or death. which would you pick.

i can't believe joC thought it was easy. is she a fucking calculator? i guess i didnt study surds or ne of that properly ... extremely annoyed at myself. what pisses me off more is that i feel so guilty. i promised my mum i'd do well and then this morning dad called and said 'i trust you can do well' (in shang of course). and i was like YEP i'll make you proud!! and then .... yeh. proud my ass. and 3 days ago on saturday mum got me an ipod chromatic saying 'i got you this because you've been stressing too much over the exams'. I'M SUCH A BAD DAUGHTER D'= i wna just go to bed and cry. but if i fail maths, there's still 9 other exams to ACE lolll. including science, french speaking, and photography tmrw.

you know my french speaking is at 10:50? yep RIGHT before Silence (11 of 11th of 11o'clock and more 11s i can't remember not to be offensive). i better finish before it or it'll be way awkward with only my french teacher in the room. i'm pretty sure my dialogue is less than 10 minutes because that's a longg time =/

signing off noww
myb3W (4s?)

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