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they've started
Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 11:42 PM
so my yearlies started today. commerce, history, and english viewing. what a wonderful day no?
it was terrible! actually commerce and history weren't so bad, but then everyone thought eng was gna be dead easy so i only studied in lunch just like everyone else, and it ended up being the hardest !! arghhh annoyed at myself.
so now that i'm online i may aswell write down my exam timetable, YEH YEH come stalk me:

it's Friday so that's the only reason i'm on, actually it's because Jeff was on doing some housing price project and i kinda kicked him off =). well i'm gonna get back to finishing my french speaking; we were actually given the questions so all we gotta do is think up some answers ... awesome teacher. then i think i'll study maths.

you know i actually gave up Heroes last time because of yearlies? i had to record it .. yeh on VCR that's how pov i am ><. i'll only get to watch it after yearlies which is gna be a while so maybe i'll count down! not

before i go i think i'll just say. well done Obama!!!

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