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An Eventful Day
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 11:46 PM
Wow. Today was majorly fun. It was last day of school so we had a christmas concert half way through lunch till the endofday bell went, then got our reports. I couldn't be bothered to go to school at all today, so went with some friends to watch hsm3 and go to school during lunch to avoid suspicions. SUCCESS! However, much occurred before even watching the movie. A summary, kinda;
Started off the morning waking up at a usual 645 to catch the usual 816 train. Only Betty and me were planning to jig half the day and watch a movie at Hornsby Centre, so when we caught the train and saw Anita, Davina, and Sharon they were like 'What are you doing in mufty??!!', but we convinced them to come along. We arrived at Hornsby, sat down, started talking about dreams and shit, then I got a phone call; it was my French class. They were having a party and Izzy was calling wondering where I was. I said where I was, and then she said that over the PA system in the morning Mr Hatton (vice principal) had said that all students coming at lunch just for reports were screwed. I didn't believe her, obviously. I could hear her laughing, but then again she was the serious type. So then Anita called Joanne to confirm. Joanne said it she didn't hear anything over the PA. Then Sharon called Cilla and she said it was true. That's when we started freaking out, since we realised there wasn't a PA in the VA block which is where Joanne's roll call is.
Betty and me had to change back into uniform, so the other 3 went off otherwise it'd look sus returning to school in a group of 5. Betty was really confused about the whole situation and kept saying that Cilla might've been joking and in it all with Izzy, but I said they were in different classes. While I was changing I got a txt, cept my phone's screen broke so I couldn't read it. I thought getting a txt 900 in the morning was a little strange ... Anyway we ended up going to school, signed in, went to first period. Guess what? In my french class was Izzy, and Cilla was sitting next to her. Anita and Davina were already in the class and looking extremely annoyed. Betty was right, they were joking the whole time. And guess what the txt I got had said? It was from Izzy to say 'just kidding'. THANKS IZZY! 2 MINUTES BEFORE WE SIGN IN? Wonderful.
Betty is the type of person who will roll anyone who annoys her, so basically, Izzy and Cilla were dead. I called Betty, told her what was up, she came into our room, and yeh she couldn't do too much since a teacher was in there (but she didn't care too much since it was a party). For the rest of the day Izzy and Cilla were hiding in the toilet to avoid Betty =).
The 5 of us were really pissed off, because we were going to watch HSM3 at 1015 and have a fun time jigging, but then freaked out, came to school, to find it was all a joke. We decided that it wasn't worth staying at school, so snuck out again during recess. This time Dea decided to come along.
So at the end of the day, we got what we wanted; to watch HSM3 while everyone was at school.
After we finisehd watching, we went back to school for the christmas concert and reports. The concert was gay, as always; technical difficulties all the way. So then we got our reports and I started crying of happiness. I won't blog what I got because that's for my eyes only, but I was happy because my half yearly died and I wanted to get a lot better for me and my parents' sake. I got a Proficiency Award for Photography to =D. But that doesn't matter because I got a B in maths ><.

Well that was my day. Oh, and I gave out candy canes. And my Adobe Flash Player won't work. Oh well ... tomorrow it's back to working at the cafe for $100 a day (=P).
Might not be blogging until '09 so, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

signing off