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Friday, January 30, 2009 at 12:02 AM
;seeing life through the eyes of a nerd
I'M LOVING IT. Not McDonalds, but being a nerd. Getting to class 5 minutes early just to get the best seats right in front of the teacher's table is worth it. Once the lesson starts you can't not concentrate, you're so motivated, you actually get work done and there's no way you could even whisper to the person next to you. Plus you see the board clearly, which is a wonderful advantage when I forget my glasses an almost daily encounter.
I didn't want to catch the earlier bus, but someone had to meet their mum at the Court so I was dragged along - I am such a weak pushover. I wanted a seat in this hell like weather, which is impossible on the cramped/stuffy/early bus. I wanted to see you.

Paris is my dream destination. I can impress the people with my enhanced French skills (one of the many benefits of a nerd called 'learning'). If not then ... I JUST WANT TO SHOP!
signing off