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catch up
Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 12:09 AM
tagged from my written blog
TODAY IS FRIDAY! Black Friday ... and we celebrated Valentines.
We had History last period, and our class was let out late because Riches threw a tantrum. What's funny is that 'Love is in the Air' was playing over the loudspeaker.
Our commerce test has been postponed until next week! -YOUPI-

I made a joke
"Which country cheats the most?"
Actual answer is Peking (pronounced peeking)

HELLO NANA! Paid my respects today along with the family. Thinking of you, love.
Skipping tennis today, it's raining.
I didn't get any work done, the weather's too grey and dreary (I can relate my days with 'gothic' elements. Too engrossed in English)

MOODtoday; peeved. Our Geo desks got stolen.
Betty & Flick may be well and truly screwed -long story-
I RESISTED using my money on GJ

So annoyed at mum! I swear, she doesn't care about my needs.