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starting over
Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 2:15 AM
because my life's worth it
Been almost 2 months - time goes by fast - great to be back
Exams are over! Possibly the most carefree child in the world right now.
Skipping school tomorrow. Partly because it feels like the weekends, and because I have swine flu.
(It's okay. It's just the cold. Probably. Hopefully.)

- Had to walk out half way through the history exam in the hall because of my fucked up nose. Ms Eakins followed me, to make sure I hadn't hidden notes in an easy access area outside. BITCH jks she's the funniest.


Just ate: BMT from subway, mini taro buns from breadtop.
That's right, I'm such a pig that what I eat deserves a section on this entry.

off oty