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Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 4:43 PM
for the month in China
There will be nights in Shanghai and Beijing, when I desperately need to tell someone about my day. The experience, the discoveries, the fun. I've decided blogspot will be where I unload all my thoughts. Keeping an online diary so that I'll remember what happened in a short 27 days even when I'm a grandma, because we learnt during Life & Resilience Week that everything you post onto the internet STAYS THERE FOREVER. It's unerasable.
Far out ... tonight will be an allnighter - just packing packing and more packing. Always leaving things till the last minute (just how we roll as a family). Oh well, we can sleep on the plane. I'm going to get motion sickness, I always do. I need an overload of bali sugar.
PRAYING THAT MY SLIGHT COLD DIES BEFORE WE LAND IN ASIA. Please, I can't stand the thought of being pulled back by health officials saying
"Sorry, the computer has detected high radiation and body temperature. We cannot run the risk of having an individual infected with swine flu running around China".
Please, please no.
signing off