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did the easter bunny come to you
Monday, April 5, 2010 at 5:04 PM
a summary of food for thought
Day 1 - the best weather, Manly Beach, grilled fish and chips, Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake icecream, watching The Last Templar on 7 accompanied with some heavy junk binging, felt extremely sick and couldn't sleep

Day 2 - shitty weather, felt just as shitty, stayed at home cleaning the house, organising my desk, porridge to ease the stomach pain

Day 3 - nice weather, Blackheath horse riding for two hours, lovely lunch picnic of avocado, turkey, tomato and cheese sandwiches (go mum), rockmelon in season, extreme junk binging in the car on the way back (discovered a weakness for nacho Doritos and Starburst confectionery), 90 minute walk/run, dad came looking for me because six was too late and rapists would be out ...
Day 4 - gay weather, buttocks and legs in pain from horse trotting, threw a Surprise Monday Morning Breakfast for our parents as a long week-end-er and just as a general THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME INDIVIDUALS. Definitely the highlight of those four days.Jeff and me left at 7:30 am, because he insisted on finishing Avatar, for Woolworths to buy our ingredients of bacon, egg, sausage mince, and English breakfast muffins (Jeff's idea to recreate McDonald's Mighty McMuffin - fatass)
I made breakfast for everyone, other than toasting and buttering which Jeff did such a wonderful job in, difficult task too. The feedback was surprisingly great! Now I have confidence in making food for people. If only Masterchef's new 'Junior' program extended their age limit to sixteen ... but no ... twelve max; go shove some herbs up your turkey channel ten.
Anyway, for the afternoon we had some mother/daughter, father/son bonding time. Actually had fun reading Better Homes and Gardens, Marie Claire, and Women's Weekly magazines, drooling over recipes with mum.
Ever since my latest investment

food has become an inspiration to me. Is that a sign of me growing boring and old? The two of us went to Court and Village to have lunch and buy things we'd never heard of, and probably will never use, but sounded professional and looked pretty in pictures :D

Oh yeah, didn't realise Intuition started yesterday (SS Jane "Didn't you know? We're always open on Public Holidays.") WHAT?!! IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY. PEOPLE DON'T DO ANYTHING ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. ESPECIALLY NOT TUTORING.